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Colorado Weddings

Asami & Kodiak


  •  We arrived at their Rehearsal, the day before their wedding to spectate Asami & Kodiak. 

  • Day of the Wedding we arrived at their Airbnb at 10:00 a.m. at took them both on a 6-mile hike with plenty of water and treats available throughout. 

  • Asami & Kodiak changed into their wedding attire and took pre-ceremony pictures with their pawents. 

  • After pictures, Asami & Kodiak lined up with the wedding party to be walked down the aisle. Then we took them from the Maid of Honor and Best Man before the Bride walked down as they would be too rambunctious. 

  • During the Ceremony we engaged in brain activities, tricks and catching of the tennis ball. 

  • After the Ceremony we met up with the Bride and Groom for the signing of the Marriage License where Asami & Kodiak were their witnesses. 

  • Once we were given the okay to proceed with our evening we took Asami & Kodiak back to the couple's Airbnb where we provided dinner, water and a potty break. 



  •  We arrived at their Rehearsal, the day before their wedding to spectate Ella and how she would be throughout the Ceremony. 

  • After the Rehearsal, we then transported Ella to WoofPeaks for Boarding. 

  • In the morning we walked Ella to get some pre-wedding jitters out and then transported her to the Wedding Venue. 

  • At the venue we provided a quick attire change into a flower collar and took pre-ceremony pictures

  • After the pre-ceremony pictures we walked her around to greet strangers and sniff all the flowers down the aisle per the request of their pawents. 

  • We then handed Ella off to the Maid of Honor and was off to the side to collect once everyone was seated and before the officiant began their speech. 

  • During the Ceremony we provided treats and a water break with mental stimulation and walks. 

  • After the Ceremony we met up with the Bride and Groom for Bella to place her paw print on their marriage license as she was their witness. 

  • Once we were done with pictures and placement of the paw on the marriage licsene we transported Bella back to WoofPeaks for another night of boarding. 

Dog Wedding Chaperone
Dog Wedding Assistant


  • Ashley and Alex wanted to include Stella on their big day, but due to her age and limitations they were restricted in options and decided on pre-ceremony pictures.

  • Due to circumstances Stella was brought to WoofPeaks for pre-wedding Boarding.

  • Day of the Wedding we provided morning of exercise by going to the dog park and get out any pre-wedding jitters. 

  • After a good exercise, breakfast and nap we then transported Stella to the Wedding Venue. 

  • Once at the Wedding Venue we stayed in the air conditioned car (due to the summer heat), until the photographer was ready for us. Which then the Bride and Groom proceeded with pictures with Stella. 

  • After pictures we transported Stella back to WoofPeaks for a continued duration of Boarding while they were on their Honeymoon. 


  •  We arrived at their Rehearsal, the day before Abby and David's wedding to spectate Tucker walking down the aisle. 

  • After the Rehearsal, WoofPeaks transported Tucker to their Pawents home, so they could stick back and have Brunch with Family and Friends. 

  • Day of the Wedding. WoofPeaks arrived at the Venue to take Tucker from the Wedding Party while Pre-Ceremony pictures were taken. 

  • Pre-Ceremony WoofPeaks walked Tucker around the venue, provided mental stimulation activities and providing treats for being a good boy. 

  • WoofPeaks then assisted with Tucker walking down the aisle with a family member and being handed off to a groomsmen while providing the "rings."

  • Tucker sat through the whole Ceremony, while being observed by WoofPeaks. 

  • Once the Ceremony ended we moved into Pictures and afterwards Tucker was transported to overnight Boarding at WoofPeaks. 

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