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Hey Y'all.

a little about me

I moved from (can you guess) Texas. But I have lived in Australia for the past couple of years. I moved back to the States to be closer to home and ended up in Colorado.

Since moving to CO I have discovered adventures and the great outdoors with my two partners in crime, and want to instill that joy with other four-legged furry friends.

Rather you're looking for assistance during your big day, someone to take your dogs on  adventures or provide them a mini-vacation while your on vacation. We have you covered!

I may be small, but I am mighty. I have experience with all dogs ranging in size, breed, age, temperament, and gender. I believe in treating your dog(s) like my very own. With patience, snuggles, treats, love, and lots of exercises! 

I always send way too many photos and videos of your dog(s) to show they are in the greatest of care and they are loved. Rather we are hiking in the mountains, walking/jogging around the neighborhood, or having a play day indoors - your dog(s) will always leave tired. 

" You can never tell who your enemies are, or whom to trust.  Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in, and you know exactly what is in their hearts." -Zookeepers Wife

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