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Dog Boarding

New clients must book a Meet & Greet. That involves a Doggy Daycare 8am-5pm on a weekday to see how they get along. This Meet and Greet will cost $25. 

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Once you have arrived at our home we will always have our dogs out back to ensure safety, but also comfortability with your dogs coming and going. To allow them time to adjust again, but also for you to come in safely into our home and take your time dropping off/picking up.  

We always conduct one level of physical exercise per day (depending on the weather). Sometimes two, depending on the activity level of your dog(s), age, and needs, but also we analyze their body language. If they are exhausted - we leave it to one activity per day. The activity varies between (hiking, running, walking, dog park, or sniff spot) depending on your preference. 

Our BIG adventure is typically in the morning. After our adventure, we will send you an updated story on how their night was and morning wake up along with what activity they did with pictures and videos. 

After our morning adventure, we proceed with breakfast time which is usually followed up with a long nap time. During nap time - depending on your dog either they keep sleeping until late afternoon or they will engage in play or mental games for the afternoon. 

When evening hits, depending on the morning adventure and how they are we will go for a walk around the block, a play in the backyard, or another round of mental stimulation or play time. 


Then we will wind down for our dinner and get ready for bed.  


What to expect 

Important things to note: 

Dogs must be friendly with others as we host multiple dogs at a time. If you prefer your dog(s) to be the only ones - we have a VIP package.

Dogs must be up to date in all vaccines. If they are a puppy, please let me know where they are at with their vaccines. 



House Sitting


$75 First Dog

$85 Puppies 

$30 per additional dog


$120 First Dog
$130 Puppies

$30 per additional dog

$10 Cat

House Sitting

New clients must book a Meet & Greet. That involves us coming over - introducing ourselves to y'all and the dog(s), and going over needs, and house rules. 


What to expect 

Upon our Meet and Greet we will discuss the dogs and your needs during the House Sit. 

We discuss the following: 

* Activity level of your dog(s) and how many times a day and duration for each adventure. 


* Any triggers that we need to be aware of (ex: do not like men, dog aggressive, sepration anxiety, etc.)

* Extra care (medication, grooming, transportation,etc.) 

* The duration your dog(s) can be left alone. 

We provide multiple updates with photos/videos and text on how they are doing. 

Home care needs such as- watering flowers, trash day, mail pickup, etc...

During our Meet and Greet, we will go over house instructions in case of an emergency. Examples involve: Emergency Water Line, Electrical Box, etc.

Important things to note: 

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